About OdorCure LLC, USA

OdorCure have been providing solutions to odor control needs, clogged/blocked drains, wastewater treatment and bio-remediation products for more than 20 years.

We offer the widest, most effective and environmentally friendly range of Odor Control, Drain Maintenance, Wastewater Treatment and Bio-Remediation Systems, Products and Services the industry has to offer.

Our US head office is based in Scottsdale, Arizona with representation in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
Our product and operational experience also includes substantial involvement from Canada and Southern Africa.

Constant technological improvement has been a major part of our success. We offer the latest, the best and the most environmentally friendly products, designed for your specific needs.

Our Commitment

  • Committed to providing safe, effective solutions for facility maintenance challenges.
  • Committed to providing products that have stood the test of time
  • Committed to operate with integrity in our customer, supplier & staff relationships
  • Committed to channeling resources ($) to ensure we remain leaders in our fields of expertise.
  • Committed to excellence at all levels.

Our Strategy

  • Listen to the needs of the customer!
  • Constantly improve technology & adapt our product line to best meet our customers’ needs
  • Continuously meet or exceed government product safety standards
  • Maintain our environmentally responsible leadership position in our industry.
  • Constantly update our customers about product, safety and quality improvements.
  • Retain a fiscally responsible approach to our customers
  • Continue to be problem-solvers at all levels in our industry

Our Strengths

  • Client Responsive Approach
  • Years of experience
  • The most effective and environmentally friendly products
  • Creative Lateral Thinking
  • Leaders in our many fields of expertise
  • International Experience
  • Consistent Growth & Profitability
  • Financial Stability