Automated Dosing Systems

Our peristaltic dosing/injection pumps can be implemented in one of the following ways:

AT THE GREASE TRAP – when installed at the grease trap we would typically dose MicroSTIM 725 direct into the grease trap. The dosing/injection system is set up to dose several times per day, the exact dosing/injection regime will be determined by our consultant and is usually dependent on certain site specific factors.

IN THE KITCHEN OR DRAIN LINE – Where possible we prefer to install the dosing/injection pump as high up the plumbing line as possible, thus ensuring the entire line from the kitchen to the grease trap and beyond is treated and kept free of buildups that can cause plumbing issues such as blockages and overflows.

When installing into the plumbing line we would typically use BACTii-GT for its superior performance in pipeline conditions.

These systems are typically supplied on a full service maintenance agreement basis and will be installed, maintained and re-filled by OdorCure personnel on a monthly basis.

This is a soft solution with no human intervention needed.

We will assist you to find the solution for your particular need. Please contact us at or +1 (480) 432 0119