Forced Wasterwater Evaporation

Cost of disposal is an ever-growing concern for industrial wastewater producers. For decades evaporation technology has been employed to enhance natural evaporation, with limited success and often at exorbitant cost.

OdorCure custom designs and builds FORCED EVAPORATION systems that are either land based or fully floatable. Care is taken to ensure that maximum flow and pressure is maintained through the systems thus ensuring highest in class operation and evaporation efficiencies.

Our highest in class performance can further be attributed to a number of factors such as Nozzle and Pipe Selection. The key is to achieve the smallest possible droplet sizes and this can only be achieved if the system runs at optimal pressure and the correct nozzle has been selected.


  • Lowest in class cost of implementation
  • Above average evaporation efficiencies
  • Lowest cost per gallon evaporated
  • Low energy consumption
  • Systems can either float on water or sit on land
  • Lower rate of fallback due to nozzle selection
  • Low cost of maintenance due to fewer moving parts
  • Robust design results in fewer breakdowns and less down time
  • Complete system manufactured from HDPE materials

In need of an affordable FORCED EVAPORATION SOLUTION that delivers real results at the lowest cost per gallon evaporated? DON’T DELAY contact us TODAY!!