95% of the materials and components are HDPE making the system both robust and durable


Careful consideration was given to the pipe sizes taking into account the flow rates and other important factors to ensure that maximum pressure is achieved at the nozzles


The systems comprises eight identical branches that are manufactured at our facility to be joined on site, each branch has ten pontoons for flotation and six nozzle bases welded to the pipe. Placement of the pontoons is critical in achieving maximum buoyancy, the nozzles base placement is also carefully calculated taking into accounts factors such as spray pattern and drift

The branches are joined on site using Fusion Welding straight couplers to ensure that they do not leak or pull apart at the joints


Bete fogging nozzles are used to achieve the smallest possible droplet sizes are achieved, the smaller the droplets the easier it is for them to be taken up in the atmosphere


The pump float and cooling sleeve is once again manufactured from HDPE, the pump float is filled with polystyrene to ensure that the pump remains buoyant even if the float should leak and take in water. The cooling sleeve encases the pump and motor completely with an additional strainer at the motor end to ensure that debris in the water is kept well clear of the motor suction point


The standard OCtenial system is fitted with a 12 stage submersible pump delivering 14,529 US gallons of flow at 145psi pressure