Commercial Odor Control

OdorCure offers solutions for a vast range of odor concerns.

Trash rooms, trash chutes, waste collection areas in residential buildings, grocery stores, malls, hospitals and restaurants are exposed to large volumes of organic matter and garbage.

Waste material, especially if confined to smaller indoor areas, decays and releases strong, offensive odors. Waste liquids pool and solid material adheres to the sides of bins. Although the trash is eventually removed, the odor remains present especially if there is no container treatment. Complaints ensue and management is put on the defensive.

Washrooms, workout rooms, foyers, corridors and common areas are expected to project freshness and a welcoming ambience.

Complaints from tenants, customers and staff are almost entirely avoidable with a comprehensive odor control program.

OdorCure will install a system tailored to your specific needs, and you can expect almost instantaneous improvement.

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