Solid Waste

Odors generated from solid waste such as in landfills, transfer stations and compost facilities can easily escape into surrounding areas and affect quality of life for workers and surrounding communities. Solid waste management is an incredibly complex task with workers constantly seeking ways to improve odor control and reduce complaints.

OdorCure allows site operators to effectively and economically reduce site-generated odor through misting/fogging or by applying topical treatment or a treatment for incorporation of Biostreme in areas such as:

  • Perimeter misting
  • Door and Bay Openings
  • Misting from Ceiling
  • Tipping Floors
  • Working Face
  • Roads and Scales
  • Leachate
  • Windrows

Through effective control of fugitive gas emissions, OdorCure helps control odors before they become problematic. To download the brochure for our line of solid waste odor management products, click here.