EMC is an extra-potent grease and grime dissolver for hard to reach areas. Packaged in an aerosol can with extension tube for easy application. Safe to use on live electrical equipment, while in operation, up to 33000V. Self flushing, quick drying and leaves no residue. Non-flammable. Safe to use in food processing areas.


EMC Safety Solvent Degreaser and Bearing Flush



EMC is a highly effective solvent degreaser and bearing flush for the removal of oil, grease, dirt, grime, wax and other soil films from both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. EMC is a non- flammable spray with a high dielectric strength (33 kV), making it safe for use on any electrical equipment, even while in operation.


Excellent for use on all types of electrical motors, generators, windings, power tools, relays, circuit breakers, switches and ignition systems. Also effectively cleans and degreases machinery, gears, pumps, oil and air filters, bearings (bearing flush), parts, meter mechanisms, metal molds, heating and air conditioning equipment, refrigeration equipment, as well as automotive, locomotive, marine, and aviation engines, parts and equipment.

EMC is an extremely safe and efficient cleaning degreaser with the widest possible range of uses in all types of industrial, recreational, institutional, marine, agricultural and commercial settings.


Sewing Machinery and Equipment Bread Wrap Machines Office Machinery Bowling Equipment Traffic Signal and Control Boxes Parking Meters Time Clocks Electric Fans Spot Removal of Oil, Grease and Tar from Fabric and Carpeting.


Highly Effective – provides unequalled degreasing action over widest range of conditions.

High Dielectric Strength – 33kV

Safe – non-flammable, non-conductive, and non-corrosive providing increased staff acceptance and safety. Contains no 1,1,1,-Trichloroethane, CFC’s or petroleum distillates. Due to high dielectric strength

EMC is safe for use on energized electrical equipment.

Residue Free – Self-Flushing, quick drying, non-staining and leaves no residue,

Versatile – wide range of applications.

Economical – allows degreasing in place without disassembly saving time and therefore lowering labour costs.


Spray liberally into and on equipment until wet. Use tube extension for hard to reach areas. Allow penetration time. Brush to assist penetration where beneficial. Flush rinse dissolved soils with a second application. Air

pressure may be used to augment flushing and drying if desired. Equipment should be re-lubricated following cleaning.

NOTE: EMC may soften or dull certain types of plastics and paints. Thoroughly test on plastic parts such as push buttons, housings, plastic viewing panels, plastic insulators, typing keys and the like before using product on these parts.

NOTE: For use on non-food contact surfaces only. Do not store in food processing areas.

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