MEGALUBE is an anti-seize compound that will last, even under high temperature, high pressure or saltwater conditions. Comes in an aerosol can with extension tube for easy and economic application, even in hard to reach areas. No messy hands.


Anti-Seize Compound with lubricating properties


MEGALUBE ASC Anti-Seize Compound is an extra high temperature, extreme pressure, corrosion resistant, anti-seize compound and assembly lubricant for all threaded parts and gaskets.


Used in automotive repair shops, truck terminals, aircraft hangers, printing plants, industrial plants, and metalworking shops. Excellent for use on engines, exhaust systems, machinery where seized or welded bolts and fittings make maintenance and repair of boiler gaskets, nuts and bolts, pipe fittings etc. very expensive. See ADDITIONAL USES.


Prevents Seizing – unique superior completely homogenized formulation enables the withstanding of ultra-high temperatures – up to 1430°C/2650°F.

Permits more accurate torque.

Superior Protection – protects mated metal parts against galling, fretting, heat corrosion, galvani fusion and pitting.

Completely Weatherproof – seals out moisture, even under salt water conditions, to protect against costly corrosion damage. Will not wash away.

Exceptional Adhering Qualities – micronized, metalized, extreme pressure additive provides tremendous film strength allowing threaded parts to go together tighter and come apart easier.

Harmless to Metal and Synthetic Rubber Parts – effectively reduces friction and wear on all steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and rubber parts. DO NOT USE ON OXYGEN SYSTEMS.

Replaces White Lead – can be used to replace white lead in sweat fitting applications.

Convenient Packaging – available in convenient ”brush top” can or aerosol.

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