microSTIMTM 725 consists of natural nutrients for bacteria to treat grease traps. For enhancing bacterial activity in grease traps where toxic materials inhibit biological degradation. Contains no bacteria, enzymes or surfactants which might promote grease movement through the system. Save money by preventing drain and drain line blockages. No odours. Apply by hand or automated dosing pumps.


Concentrated Bio-Augmenter Grease Trap Cleaner

microSTIM 725 TDS


microSTIMTM 725 grease trap cleaner is an all natural concentrated proprietary formula developed incorporating a unique blend of over 30 natural trace minerals, bio-activators (bacterial stimulators) and toxin renovators. microSTIMTM 725 represents the newest generation of natural bio-augmentation for the treatment of grease traps, septic systems, sump wells and cesspools.

microSTIMTM 725 contains no bacteria, enzymes, surfactants or any other ingredient which might promote grease movement through the system, but rather acts to tie up harmful system toxins causing a reduction in the bio-availability of these contaminants thereby conditioning the existing grease trap environment, freeing naturally occuring microbial activity to function at optimal rates thus eleavating both the rate and efficiency of organic breakdown and odour reduction.

Reduces system organics and odourous conditions, maintaning systems in an active, clean, odour free and free flowing condition without harm to plumbing fixtures, grease traps, drain lines, sewers, field tiles, tanks or waste water treatment facilities or equipment.


Highly effective for the treatment of grease traps to augment the reduction of FOG (Fat, oil and grease). microSTIMTM 725 ties up harmful toxins, freeing and stimulating the naturally occuring bacteria to function at maximum levels thereby increasing natural organic degradation activity in drains and grease traps. Exceptional for any location which has kitchen operations such as restaurants, banquet rooms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and recreational facilities. Excellent for the control of organic build-ups and malodours in septic systems, sump wells and cesspools through the reduction of system contaminants and simultaneous augmentation of natural bacterial activity.


Highly Effective – microSTIMTM 725 is truly a leap forward in the augmentation of grease trap treatment biodegradation.

  • Reduces biosolids accumulations
  • Accelarates natural bio-digestion of organics without the addition of enzymes, non-resident bacteria, surfactants or any other ingredient which might promote grease movement through the system
  • Augments natural reduction of oils, grease, fats and organics in drains, grease traps, septic systems, sump wells and cesspools
  • Improves waste system effluent quality
  • Reduces malodour conditions

Increases Natural Biological Activity – Optimises the bio-chemical balance in the grease trap, freeing naturally occurring bacteria to function at optimal rates. microSTIMTM 725 does its job and frees the natural system bacteria to do theirs.

System Safe – No negative impact on downstream operations and biodegrades completely in normal wastewater treatment processes, microSTIMTM 725 is not corrosive and is not regulated.

No Special Equipment Required – No special equipment is needed to dispense  microSTIMTM 725. No need for special tanks, pumps or chemical resistant piping.

High In-Use Economy –  microSTIMTM 725 is a breakthrough in the economic treatment of grease traps. Low chemical addition rates coupled with high rate of effectiveness and catalystic effects on existing system microbes provides low in-use treatment costs. Although  microSTIMTM 725 offers low cost compared to competitive treatments, efficacy is its great benefit. Reduced inconvenience and labour due to trap clean outs offers additional savings.  microSTIMTM 725 is an extremely cost effective, simple, natural solution to grease trap treatment.

Low Toxicity – Formulated using all natural ingredients. Reduces use of harmful chemicals and lessens offensive odours. Helps create and ‘earth friendly’ treatment environment as well as higher personnel acceptance.

Long Term Solution – Continuous treatment with  microSTIMTM 725 ensures long term maximum efficiency and optimum conditions throughout the system.

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