Ambient Scenting

Brand your interior environment with SCENT


ambient scenting OdorCure NOW proudly offers a range of ambient scenting systems and solutions for use in hospitality, transportation and retail air handling applications.

A Curated Array of Fragrances from Bespoke Aromas to Essential Oils

Warm and inviting, tropical and exotic, fresh and clean or sophisticated and luxurious; whatever the mood you hope to invoke with scent, we’ve carefully curated a repertoire of proven aromas that can accomplish any business requirement. Alma Flower & Honey, Lemongrass Sage, Eucalyptus Mint, Black Bamboo, Restful Lavender and Fresh Breeze are just a few of the many scents we’ve designed to stimulate, invigorate, relax, invite and refresh. Whatever your goal, we’ve got your scent.


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