AQUAKLOR Disinfecting Sprayer Gun plus Caplets

Aquaklor is an easy to apply sanitiser, disinfectant and deodoriser for treatment of large or difficult to treat areas, from the end of a water hose. Use with hot or cold water. This product is non-corrosive, leaves no harmful residues and is biodegradable. Clean residual odour, no batch-mixing required, and low cost. Safe to use in food processing facilities.



Cleans, sanitise and eliminate odours in one easy operation. Turning a garden hose into a powerful cleaning and disinfecting sprayer.

The scientifically designed AQUAKLOR system is a patented chlorine delivery system incorporating patented jacketed calcium hypochlorite caplets which literally turns water into magic. AQUAKLOR is uniquely designed to create a portable and easily stored compact system based on solid dispensing technology that reduces shipping costs and storage space requirements. Reduces the number of hazardous materials stored in the workplace, doing away with caustic chemical cleaning agents in the exchange for the more effective, biodegradable AQUAKLOR cleaner.

AQUAKLOR cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and is effective against fungi and viruses when used as directed. This safe, powerful commercial cleaning solution destroys organic contaminants while controlling algae and mold, decreasing the need for scrubbing or additional cleaning products. Whether you’re looking for an environment friendly industrial cleaner that won’t cause corrosion or chemical build-up, or a commercial cleaning system that saves you times and money on expensive disinfectant wash and cleaning solutions – AQUAKLOR is the answer!

AQUAKLOR is the ultimate cleaning solution, simply attach the AQUAKLOR Sprayer to any garden hose end, point and spray the area targeted for sanitizing and cleaning. Your job is completed and concerns are washed away without any additional clean-up of rinsing!

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